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Why should you visit the Dominican Republic?

Do you plan to visit the Dominican Republic?

When you think about the destinations of the Caribbean, it is impossible not to imagine entertaining yourself with a cocktail; while you look at a white sand beach.

That is probably what comes to mind when you think about visiting the Dominican Republic. And I can assure you; that if you are looking for a piece of paradisiacal beach, unrivaled luxury and service, here you can get it for sure.

However, while the Dominican Republic offers travelers the ultimate beach and resort destination, there is much more than one can imagine. I must confess that as a Dominican, I am a bit partialized in my evaluation.

What to do in Dominican Republic?

Having lived in Dominican Republic most of my life, I am lucky enough to know almost the entire island. and I can assure you that once you get away from the beach, the Dominican Republic will pleasantly surprise you.

The way I see it, it all depends on what kind of tourism you are looking for. From whitewater rafting, whale watching and waterfall climbing; to ecotourism, parasailing, surfing and windsurfing, the offer of this island located on the path of the sun is endless. After all, they have called it a continent in miniature.

Santo Domingo, the capital of the country, is the seat of the first spanish settlement in America; colonial zone, with beautiful colonial buildings and more than 500 years of history.

The city of Santo Domingo is also a vibrant and urban city, the largest in the Caribbean, known for its active nightlife and a variety of bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels to please both expert travelers and beginners.

Having said all that, I trust to say that the best value that the Dominican Republic has to offer is the kindness and warmth of its people.

You will experience the joy, music and color of dominicans: no matter where you go in the country. As I mentioned before, I am partialized. That’s why I’m writing this article; so that you can tell me what your opinion is.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the Dominican Republic? I suppose that beaches and resorts with all-inclusive occupy a prominent place on your list.

As I mentioned at the beginning, while the Dominican Republic has some stunning beaches and a wide selection of resorts, the country has a number of other attributes that make it a special place to visit.

The Dominican Republic is one of the most geographically diverse countries in the Caribbean, offering visitors impressive mountain landscapes, desert scrub, historic colonial architecture, vibrant urban life and warm, famous people. Then, from where should you start?


15 reasons why you should visit the Dominican Republic

Here are fifteen (15) reasons to visit the Dominican Republic.

1. The 27 waterfalls of Damajagua

A short distance from Puerto Plata are the famous 27 waterfall of Damajagua. Experiencing this series of waterfalls involves fording clear pools, swimming through narrow canyons, walking through the forest and climbing rocks, ropes and ladders through the same waterfalls. Visitors go up the falls and then they can slide and jump to go back down.

The Damajaqua Waterfalls consist of a series of 27 waterfalls and rock pools and is one of the major tourist attractions that Puerto Plata has to offer. The tours of these waterfalls involve climbing to the falls before sliding, swimming or jumping into the pools they create.

2. Beaches

Yes, the beaches obviously have to be mentioned, and for good reason, they are spectacular! The Dominican Republic has almost 1000 miles of coastline on its northern, eastern and southern borders, a third of which is soft, white sand. The beaches of the Dominican Republic are an excellent place to relax, enjoy a drink based on rum and play in the crystal clear waters.

3. Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, is the oldest city in the new world in America. Founded in 1594, the colonial zone has beautiful colonial buildings and more than 500 years of history. The city of Santo Domingo is also a vibrant urban city, known for its active nightlife and a variety of bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels.

4. All-inclusive Resorts

The Dominican Republic is possibly the leader in all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. With more than two dozen all-inclusive properties ranging from budget to luxury. These resorts (many of them are in the Punta Cana area) are based on impressive locations and offer world class facilities that include golf, spas, weddings and any type of water sport you can imagine.

5. Our gastronomy

Rich and tasty, the dominican culinary scene is dominated by Creole cuisine. Although it varies throughout the island, the staple foods are rice, meat, beans, fresh vegetables and seafood. The dishes are also influenced by Spanish, African and Taino cuisine.

Dishes include Mangu (boiled banana, mashed potatoes with onions, cheeses, scrambled eggs and salami), casabe (cake made from yucca) and La Bandera (photo), which consists of meat, rice and red beans. This dish is traditionally served with fried banana.

6. Whale watching

The people are not the only ones who migrate to the south of the Caribbean to escape the winter. Every year, thousands of humpback whales congregate in front of the Samaná Peninsula to mate and give birth.

Within the Dominican Republic, the Samana area hosts the Humpback Whale Sanctuary. Every year, between December and March, some 2,000 humpback whales come to breed in waters near the coast.

Studies show that all populations of Atlantic humpback whales come to breed in these waters.

Humpback whales can sometimes perform acrobatic acts during mating, such as jumping out of the water, and some males sing ‘songs’ to attract women’s attention.

7. Nightlife

If you like to party, the Dominican Republic will not disappoint you. A wide range of bars and cafes serve both visitors and locals. Whether you’re looking for informal beach bars, sophisticated salons or dance clubs, the island has it all.

Puerto Plata has a huge amount of nightlife options. All resorts have their own bars and clubs, which are free for guests and are open for those who have purchased day passes. Try Sosua’s Ruby Lounge, which has live music and karaoke.

While most of the resorts offer live music and shows, Santo Domingo is the ideal place if you really want the nightlife!

8. Golden Beach

Puerto Plata is famous for its white sand beaches, and one of the most popular is Playa Dorada. This is the tourist center of Puerto Plata, a large tourist complex located along a long stretch of beach.

It consists of several hotels, restaurants, a shopping center and the Robert Trent Jones golf course. The warm waters, and of course the sunlight, make it ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

9. Amber Museum of Puerto Plata

The Amber is the national jewel of the Dominican Republic, and the Amber Museum celebrates its beauty.

This museum is housed in a beautiful victorian building and shows several examples of valuable dominican amber, many of which feature fossilized flora and fauna. It also has a gift shop where you can buy amber jewelry.

10. Zip line Adventure and Tropical Zoo

Zipline Adventure in Puerto Plata gives you the opportunity to see the lush forest vegetation of the Dominican Republic from a bird’s-eye view.

Combine this with a trip to a tropical petting zoo, where you can pose for pictures with resident animals such as parrots and squirrel monkeys, and you have an ideal adventure for animal and nature lovers.

11. Culture

Puerto Plata offers a rich mix of cultures, and one way to enjoy them is at its cultural festival that takes place in the third week of june.

It has merengue, blues, jazz and folk concerts in San Felipe Fort, and Santo Domingo groups perform traditional dances with spiritual music and African salsa.

12. Ocean World Adventures

Ocean World Adventures is a very popular water park that emphasizes the interactions between visitors and animals.

In addition to numerous water slides and aquarium views, visitors will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins and other tropical fish, play with sea lions, and sharks and rays.

Ocean World Adventures also offers views of some land animals, such as tropical birds and tigers.

13. Monte Isabel de Torres

Monte Isabel de Torres is a mountain 792 meters high, the highest mountain in the Caribbean, making it one of the most unique experiences that the Dominican Republic has to offer.

At the top of the mountain you can see a spectacular view of Puerto Plata, gardens full of flowers, a restaurant and a statue of Christ similar to that of Rio de Janeiro.

14. Fun City Action Park

Fun City Action Park is the largest and most elaborate go-kart center in the Dominican Republic.

It has three different tracks in one place and more than two dozen different types of go-karts to choose from: an excellent place to visit if you travel with a group.

15. Cabarete

Cabarete is known as the windsurfing capital of the country, but it has much more to offer besides that. The warm waters and constant strong winds make this area one of the best in the world for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

In addition to water sports, the white sandy beach of 4 miles (6 kilometers) is full of cafes, restaurants and shops that make it an excellent place to visit.

The capital of the Dominican Republic is the center of the country’s nightlife. Enjoy undoubtedly the best entertainment in the Caribbean, with a wide range of bars, clubs, casinos and trendy and trendy restaurants.

The Dominican Republic is a great piece of the Caribbean paradise that many of us seek. Relaxation and excitement await you and your family, and with all the previous reasons to go, what are you waiting for?

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