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What kind of traveler are you?

Find out first what kind of traveler you are, before planning your trip to the Dominican Republic.

There are several types of travelers who choose our beautiful island as their next trip to the Caribbean, discovering which of these 7 types of traveler best describes you will help you plan and organize your vacation much better.

The comfortable

The hotels are chosen for their proximity to the ocean and the amount of comfortable chairs and hours of sun to maximize the tan.

Hydration is important and, therefore, you will find these travelers around the bars by the pool and near the beach, relaxing or just reading a book. These guests do not want the activities to bother them too much.

They have worked hard and won their long-awaited vacation in the Dominican Republic, so they look for a deep relaxation in the tropical environment with first class service, drinking exotic fruit cocktails and enjoying music and Caribbean dances in the entertainment programs. Nightlife of its all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Plata.

There is nothing wrong with this!

But dear traveler, you could stay anywhere in the world, if you just want to hang out on a nice beach and sleep in the sun as much as you can. You have not traveled to Puerto Plata to even leave once.

Find below the perfect excursions and activities for you, if you want to explore a little more of our beautiful island.

We promise you it’s worth it!

Viajero de Eco TurismoThe occasional traveler

He is planning a trip to the Dominican Republic for a reason: an event or a wedding he has to attend, a honeymoon or maybe just to accompany his older sister on vacation.


Even though you have to attend family gatherings and dinners together, there is plenty of time to sneak out and do more exciting activities in Puerto Plata.

Viajero de Aventuras

The pioneer

I am afraid to tell you that most of our island has already been explored and will not establish new landmarks or discover new places.

But there are many activities and tours of Puerto Plata that will take you off the beaten track and show you more of the countryside, the way people live here for more than hundreds of years and that will give you a better understanding of our unique customs and interesting culture

There are many activities that many travelers and adventures can not do but the most daring to put on their list of things to do in Puerto Plata.

The auto improver

I admire you! Get up early, late, happily taking advantage of everything a new place has to offer.

Since you tend to do a lot of research in advance, we will help you find the best tours and excursions in Puerto Plata that you should not miss, so you arrive home with a suitcase full of incredible stories of fantastic adventures of the Republic Dominican

The seeker of emotions

It will not be a pleasure to sit still and enjoy the comfort of all-inclusive hotels in Puerto Plata; rather, stay in a hostel.

Your slogan is:

“Life is for good friends and great adventures”

And your vacation plan includes the most daring and adventurous tours and excursions in the Dominican Republic. He does not care if he gets wet and a bruise or two, if that means he’ll come back with a diary full of unforgettable stories and stories.

Viajero con familia

The family traveler

Family trips give you the feeling of being together and it is a great time to interact, no matter if you are traveling with a hyperactive person or if you are always bored, you never want to be disturbed.

If you stay in one of the hotels for families in Puerto Plata, you will find many activities that will suit you and your loved ones, from refreshing slides and activities programs that include cooking classes and Spanish, water aerobics and fantastic equipment. Animation that keep you busy all day.

But consider planning a day or two leaving the comfort of the resort and showing your family a little more of our beautiful island Dominican Republic.

There are many tours for the whole family in Puerto Plata that you can do with a family budget, so that everyone can choose their favorite activity, whether you want to see and interact with animals or look for new adventures together.

The genuinely curious

You want to see everything, eyes and ears wide open. You are a rare and beautiful species.

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