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The 7 best tours to do in La Romana.

The city of La Romana offers good access to some of the most popular resorts in the Dominican Republic.

Its modern airport, opened in 1999, has turned the city into a transport hub, with visitors arriving and going directly to the tourist towns near the beach and all-inclusive hotels.

The city, with a high density and growing much faster than other Dominican cities, was established in 1897. And therefore, it has no notable architectural attractions or places of historical interest.

But the holidays in La Romana really are not about such things. The holidays in La Romana are about the sun, the sea, the sand and the breakfast buffet.

La Romana

The province of La Romana

Located between the white coastal sands and the rugged terrain of the southeast coast of the Dominican Republic, La Romana is one of the newest ports of call for cruise ships; It combines a sense of adventure, warm ocean breezes, local culture and impeccable natural beauty.

With excursions on land to cover any possible taste, interest and temperament; a cruise vacation to La Romana is one of those cases in which even the most vivid descriptions do not do it justice.

From the exciting wildlife, local artisans and world-class amenities; A trip to La Romana places her on the cusp of old world tradition and modern comforts. All while you wrap yourself in the warm, translucent waters of the Caribbean that allow you to daydream and stir your imagination.

Excursions to accelerate the pulse

A vacation to the Dominican Republic can be as much to experience new emotions as to relax on a picturesque sandy beach. La Romana offers many emotions, with excursions to keep the adrenaline on the rise.

Zip Lines La Romana

1. Extreme Zip Line Adventure

Slip and feel the wind against you; We are sure that you will make the Extreme Zip Line adventure an excursion that you will remember for years to come.

Visit one of the longest ziplines in the Caribbean. After a 45 minute trip in a safari truck, you will arrive at the location. The expert guides will teach you everything you need to know to travel the jungle safely.

You will be transferred to the Welcome Center, where a security briefing will be held before reaching the first platform.

Get ready to fly from one platform to another. You will be safely connected with climbing equipment to double line cables, being the longest 800 meters long!

This tour consists of 18 platforms and 12 zip lines, including the 2 longest lines in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean; which extend for 2 kilometers through the mountain range. Compete with your partner in the cable from one side to the other!

Buggies La Romana

2. Dune Buggy Adventures

For those who do not mind getting a little dirty while looking for emotions, Dune Buggy Adventure is an ideal excursion to immerse yourself in the diverse views of La Romana.

Just 10 minutes from the port, you will arrive at the Dune Buggy base to receive an informative session, and then it’s time to take your Buggy and start the adventure.

You will spend 2 and a half hours driving your buggy along a rural road, passing through the sugar cane plantations and the beautiful countryside while enjoying the “unique” feeling of driving a dune buggy and experiencing the Dominican nature.

During the different stops, you will pass near the Haitian villages (called Bateyes) and their schools. Here you will learn how to cut the sugar cane, and you can also try some samples.

Excursions to explore and discover

The Caribbean is full of unique and friendly people, and with a natural wonder. So it is a unique destination for those who seek to escape to a rich and inspiring paradise. La Romana, of course, is not an exception with excursions to surround yourself in its local landscapes and abundant wildlife.

Monkeys en La Romana

3. Monkeyland and Dominican flavors for families

With tropical forests full of wildlife, no trip to the Dominican Republic is complete without a front row seat for some of nature’s most captivating characters.

Just one hour from La Romana, Monkeyland gives you the opportunity to walk among adorable squirrel monkeys within their own habitat.

Meet our wonderful squirrel monkeys in Monkeyland! After a little over an hour by car, you can take a guided tour that will allow you to interact very closely with our beautiful and cute squirrel monkeys.

These cute and intelligent monkeys have been trained to interact and spend time with visitors, and are happy to be photographed by the guests. This tour is for all ages and perfect for families; Monkeyland covers 5 acres of a beautiful land, which the monkeys have made their home.

The monkeys have become totally trusting to human contact, will come down from the trees to sit on your shoulder and eat from your hand. However, be careful; they love everything bright and interesting, and enjoy looking at jewelry and sunglasses.

Our monkeys love to pose for cameras and will probably sit down, and if they are allowed, they will look at your camera. Lovely! Located in the mountains of Anamuya, this tour offers the opportunity to interact and observe the monkeys in a natural environment, while enjoying spectacular views of the countryside.

This is a pleasant and unforgettable experience for all ages. We invite you to come and meet these wonderful monkeys.

Buceo en La Romana

4. Catamaran sail and Snorkel

Of course, the Caribbean offers as much exotic wildlife underwater as it does on its surface. Sail to enjoy a day of snorkeling and swimming off the coast of the Dominican Republic.

With the catamaran excursion you will navigate the picturesque Dominican coast aboard an 82-foot luxury catamaran, until you reach an isolated bay that is perfect for snorkeling, and enjoy the beautiful waters and the endless marine life.

You can relax in the wide sun decks or in the shaded areas of the catamaran, while sailing along the coast admiring the beautiful landscape. The live rhythm of the merengue music will make you dance right away.

After an informative security session, the catamaran will stop at a peaceful bay so you can enjoy the sea. You will put your snorkel equipment and enter the water directly from the boat, to explore the local marine life; or just to give you a refreshing swim in the crystal clear waters.

After a world class diving, relax with a glass of our authentic local rum, national beer or a refreshing fruit punch while you return to the dock of La Romana.

Altos de Chavón

5. Altos de Chavon and Cigar Factory

In addition to the warm breeze and crystal clear water, the region has also become synonymous with some of the best cigar makers on the planet.

Departing from the pier, you will travel to La Flor Dominicana Cigar Factory, the most incredible boutique factory in the world.

Here you can see the proud work of the most experienced craftsmen of the cigar industry, all under the watchful eye of the legend of the cigars Master Blender Jose Seijas. The factory owns the largest cigar store in America, which offers the best selection and prices of premium Dominican cigars.

Here, you will see how the tobacco leaves are prepared, humidified, peeled, aged, mixed and rolled into handmade cigars.

Explore the cigar shop and enjoy a Dominican coffee before continuing your walk through Altos de Chavón, a recreation of a sixteenth century Mediterranean village, overlooking the Chavón River.

Take a stroll through the cobblestone streets with your guide and stop to visit the Regional Archaeological Museum and the Weaving Art Workshop, before going through the School of Design and the outdoor amphitheater.

Relaxation: Caribbean style

The Caribbean offers the rare opportunity to relax along white sandy shores and the warm ocean breeze that life does not usually offer. La Romana has excursions to help you make the most of those rare opportunities to melt into relaxing and welcoming landscapes.

Playa Catalina La Romana

6. Beach holidays on Catalina Island

Just 35 minutes from La Romana, Catalina Island is the idyllic tropical setting you imagine in your mind when imagining the Caribbean.

When you arrive at this paradisiac island, you will find a beautiful stretch of white sand beach.

This tour will take you to extensive sandy beaches, beaches of turquoise waters and palm trees that move at a warm pace.

Enjoy a drink, take a long walk through the soft sands and feel the warm sun on your skin, while you will be transported to a place of complete tranquility.

Enjoy a refreshing welcome drink, swim in the turquoise waters, walk along the shore or simply relax under the shade of the palm.

Bayahibe Resort en La Romana

7. Bayahibe Beach Resort all-inclusive

If you prefer to have some different options to relax, an excursion to the Bayahibe Beach Resort is an ideal option.

With a perfect private beach, volleyball courts, swimming pools, drinks and a delicious lunch, the hours spent at the Bayahibe Beach Resort can be enjoyed as you see fit.

No matter what you choose, be assured that you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. La Romana has excursions for everyone, while you enjoy your cruise to the Dominican Republic.

During this fun-filled day, you’re sure to have fun, whether you choose to relax on a lounger, drink a drink under a palm tree or work for a radiant tan!

Departing from the dock, your bus will take you on a 30-minute trip to Bayahibe, a picturesque fishing village.

Enjoy a private ‘Blue Flag’ sand beach at the Be Live Canoa Resort, with full access to its facilities, where you can choose between swimming, playing volleyball, or relaxing on a lounger with a cocktail in your hand.

There are common pool facilities available, beach towels and sun beds included and an open bar with tropical cocktails and drinks available.

Lunch is also included with two options: the main buffet or the barbecue buffet on the beach. Enjoy four hours of sun and relaxation before the bus returns you to the ship.

Whether it’s a family cruise, a romantic getaway or a moment of quality alone, La Romana offers a wide variety of excursions that make it an energizing, relaxing and, above all, memorable destination.

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