Tourism Services in Dominican Republic


We offer exclusive private services of airport transfers from each airport to a wide range of hotels in the Dominican Republic.

We offer one way and one way transfers in the Dominican Republic in Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, Samana from the airport to your hotel.

We also offer pick-up services from anywhere to your airport so you never have to worry about being late for your flight.

It does not matter if you are arriving in the wee hours of the morning, we work 24/7. Use our modern and comfortable vehicles and travel safely to your destination.

You can also choose one of our regular domestic and charter flights to reach the desired destination.

Count on our experience

With more than 15 years of experience in the industry as Travel Specialists, you can count on us to offer you the services of domestic flights in the Dominican Republic as well as organizing fantastic trips to make your trip memorable. Through the years we have helped thousands of tourists in the country with our high quality services.

The best online booking system

To make our transportation services more accessible and easy to use we offer an online booking system that will allow you to see travel times and rates with just one click. Our expert customer service agents are available to help you with your travel needs through Live Chat.

Simply request our personalized services and receive answers to all your questions. Our team has detailed knowledge about various destinations in the country that can be included for travel in the Dominican Republic so that they can customize the design of a travel package especially for you.

We also offer tours with an English speaking guide, official tour so you can explore the island at your own convenience.

Whether you need a group or individual transfers, our Punta Cana airport transfer services are perfect for you.

Contact us live 24/7 live, email or phone or use our online booking services.

We offer affordable and reliable transfer services from the different airports in the country to your hotel and back to the airport. If you need to organize an individual or group transfer simply check our rates, enter the chat with us or simply book through our automated system.

Our services include:

  • Tours and excursions
  • Transfer services Airport – Hotel (one way or round trip)
  • Transport from destination to destination.

Simply contact us and let us know about your transportation or lodging needs and we will assure you a service organized with personal details in mind that can include even the drinks of your choice.

Simply contact us and let us know about your transportation or lodging needs and we will assure you a service organized with personal details in mind that can include even the drinks of your choice.

Our differentiators

Best Vacation Tours offers private personalized services to and from any airport in the country.

We are known in the industry as travel specialists; and with our long and vast experience we have helped thousands of travelers, providing them with affordable and reliable services throughout the national geography.

We offer services that will help you save time, and which are easy to use as our online booking system that allows our customers to see how long the trip would take and what their rates are.

We also have the provision of high quality transportation services through regular flights and charter flights in the Dominican Republic.

In order to provide a high quality private transport service, it is necessary to provide an optimal customer service. Nobody understands this better than us.

We offer our clients a number of ways to get in touch with us such as instant messaging, email and telephone.

Our customer service agents are always available to answer questions, organize trips in the Dominican Republic and the availability of personalized travel packages and even make sure that vehicles are equipped with your favorite beverage.

We understand that the needs of each client are different. For this reason, our transportation services in the Dominican Republic include domestic flights that have been structured to adapt to the needs of our customers.

Whether you need transfers for a large group or individual and affordable travel options, you can count on us to offer solutions that fit your budget and your preferences. We also offer exclusive trips and travel options to our clients with excursions to different parts of the island along with an official guide in Spanish.

From the first time you get in touch with us, we take the time to ask you some questions to understand your needs in order to design a perfect package for you.

We offer comprehensive services, covering all your transportation and travel needs in the Dominican Republic. Contact us for all your questions or use our online form to book our services.

We offer the best transportation service in Punta Cana in today’s industry. Traveling to a city unknown to you and trying to find a taxi as soon as you arrive on land can be a very frustrating experience.

Although there are several modes of transportation available at the airport, the fact is that very few of these are reliable or comfortable. With our transfer service you will have one of the most opportune and reliable ways to get to your hotel or resort from the airport.

Why wait in line for the taxis when you can have our transfer service. We have been in the industry for quite some time. We understand the needs of travelers. We design our services based on the needs of our customers and strive to offer high quality, comfortable transportation solutions at very affordable prices.

We offer easy online booking services, allowing you to have Punta Cana Shuttle service, even before you land in the city. Upon arrival at the airport, the driver will be waiting to welcome you.

This is definitely a better way to travel instead of using public transport. We are the ideal solution for individual travelers, couples, as well as families.

Our Promise

Provide high quality services, covering all your transport and travel needs in the Dominican Republic, thus ensuring that your vacation in the Dominican Republic will be an unforgettable experience.