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Adrenaline in Punta Cana: buggies, ATVs and speedboats

A full day of buggy safari for adventurers! Discover authentic villages, plantations, sugar cane fields, the Chavón river and much more. Adventure and fun at every step! Available from Punta Cana, La Romana and Bayahibe!

There is much more in the Dominican Republic than perfect beaches and the sun as a postcard. This summer, the country invites adrenaline seekers to explore its extensive trains and 9 different ecological zones, and try their luck to conquer the outdoors.

The diverse geography of the country, which houses both the highest and lowest points in the Caribbean, makes it the perfect travel destination for those who like to maximize adrenaline.

While the Dominican Republic is best known for its beaches and resorts worldwide, you can find options for those looking to mix the adventure in their getaway.

The Dominican Republic promotes a diversity of fantastic tourism offers, and more and more continue to develop the adventure travel segment so that they can be known for adventure.

The different regions and destinations in the country offer a wide range of options for travel enthusiasts looking for strong and active emotions.



Between the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Caribbean Sea in the south, travelers seeking water sports will not be disappointed.

Barahona, Punta Cana and Samana invite travelers to hunt for waves, because the northern province of Puerto Plata in particular has approximately 180 miles of coastline and offers some of the most famous waves in the Caribbean.

The rough waves of the North Atlantic coast are known throughout the world and are frequented by international and local water sports athletes.

The city of the province of Cabarete has earned the reputation of the World Capital of Kiteboarding thanks to its ideal conditions for boat owners.

Partial activities on land can also venture into Monte Isabel del Torres, in PuertoPlata, or visit the 27 Puddles of Damajagua.

Adventurers can explore the Damajagua Falls, either jumping from one to another, or sliding down natural slides to the water.

Adrenaline in Punta Cana: buggies, ATVs and speedboats

Mountain challenges

The diverse geography of the country allows visitors to experience both the lowest point of the Caribbean and the highest elevation, with the central mountain region that offers high altitude courses in areas such as Jarabacoa and Constanza.

Tourists who make the trip to the center of the island are welcomed by the Central Mountain Range, the home of Pico Duarte, which rises above the area to more than 10,000 feet (3,087 meters) as the highest peak in the Caribbean.

You can reach the top of the peak on a two, three or four day excursion, depending on the route chosen, all of which guarantees stunning views of tropical forests, pine trees, mountains and mountains.

This area also has some of the best rafting in the Caribbean, with the Yaque del Norte river waiting for you in its white waters.

Adrenaline in Punta Cana: buggies, ATVs and speedboats

Adrenaline to the fullest: Buggy ride

Punta Cana has it all: white sand beaches, nightlife and amazing all-inclusive resorts at every step. In fact, this luxurious tourist city at the tip of the Dominican Republic is the most popular tourist destination in Latin America.

But there is much more, in addition to the above points, there is no shortage of fun-filled activities to enjoy. And among them, none is as exciting as the Punta Cana buggies, an automotive adventure in which you can be the center of attention.

What you will see on a buggy ride

Itineraries tend to vary depending on the company in question. However, most follow approximately the same route.

After the hotel pick-up, the tour leader will give you a lesson in safety and in-depth driving. Once this is done, you will be ready to go on the road.

Riders leave the city center to tour the rugged Dominican countryside, passing banana plantations and remote farmland along the way.

The first stop is the El Hoyo cave complex, where an underground lake is the perfect place for a refreshing swim.

Again on the road, they will pass through a functioning limestone mine and colorful Caribbean-style houses before arriving at their next destination, the crystal clear waters of Macao Beach.

Relax under the palm trees on the white sand beach or take a dip in the idyllic turquoise waters.

After passing through another maze of secondary roads, you will arrive at the next stop of this 4 × 4 adventure: a traditional Dominican farm. Try local products, such as coffee and cocoa, or enjoy Dominican tobacco.

The final section is through a paved road that crosses the towns of La Ciaba and Macao. Here, you can haggle for products in a traditional market and a feast or a tasty local snack or up to two.

From there, you will be a short drive from your hotel.

What are the differences between an ATV and a buggie?

An ATV, also known as a quad, is designed to allow the user to go through all types of difficult terrain. As expected, that’s great for offroading, but they’re not optimized exactly for emotion.

Even the best ATV cannot match the raw power of a dune buggy. And more power comes more fun, without compromising security.

Dune buggies, with a lower, flatter and more aerodynamic design, are much more stable than ATVs.

As a result, they are much harder to turn around and therefore much safer than ATVs. A roll cage and a seat belt are other essential features for your safety.

Of course, that does not mean that a beginner can put the pedal on the metal from the start, but it must be borne in mind that even they must be treated with an appropriate level of respect.

But yes, the Buggies are much more suitable for the beginner who does not have much experience in off-road adventures.

What to expect on a buggy ride?

Although private rentals are possible, most visitors to Punta Cana choose to go on an organized buggy tour.

That way, they will receive safety and driving instructions from a qualified guide and can visit the best nearby places with ease.

Most people choose to share their buggy with a travel companion, but of course, it is also possible to ride alone.

You will be sailing along dirt roads and beaches, so you should know that at the end of the journey everything will be muddy and wet.

What to bring for a buggy ride?

Be sure to take the following items with you.

  • Sunscreen
  • Old clothes, or clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • Money for souvenirs, soft drinks or snacks.
  • Un traje de baño y una toalla (la mayoría de los tours visitan una playa o cueva para nadar)
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Camera and video.
  • Most tours leave in the morning or in the afternoon, therefore they do not include lunch. Be sure to eat before the ride or bring some snacks with you.

Who should not go on a buggy tour?

Pregnant women and those with back problems and seizures are generally not recommended to participate in these types of activities.


Underwater treasures

The turquoise crystalline water of the country is the dream of every diver.

Full of hidden treasures and wildlife, including bright corals, technicolor fish, mysterious caverns, national marine parks and even oceanic sculpture gardens, the country offers many riches on its surface in areas such as Punta Cana, La Romana, Samana and Montecristi.

The shores of Isla Catalina, in La Romana, are an access point for divers attracted by “El Muro”, a 100-foot drop with incomparable views of the rich life of the reefs.

El Parque Nacional Marino LaCaleta, el primer parque marino protegido en el país, considerado uno de los mejores sitios de buceo en la República Dominicana, atrae a buzos en escollos y esculturas.

When will you discover the wild side of the Dominican Republic?

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